Is nuclear relevant to an African power build programme?

Tim Yeo
Tim Yeo Chairman New Nuclear Watch Institute

In developed regions, steps are underway to move away from nuclear power. In Africa, some countries are taking tentative steps to add this technology to their energy mix. We approached the New Nuclear Watch Institute to unpack the relevance of nuclear power to an African country’s energy infrastructure plan.

Now recognised as more critical than ever before, the world’s electricity generation industry needs to decarbonise. Time is running short if humanity is to prevent dangerous, irreversible climate change from occurring.

African countries are as vulnerable to the harmful consequences of climate as those in other parts of the world. Therefore, they must play an active role in the global transition to low carbon energy in the way others will have to. But unlike other regions, the particular challenge African countries face is that they must transition while advocating increasing electricity use to accelerate economic development.

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