Water and the nuclear solution to safeguard our most precious natural resource

Tim Yeo
Tim Yeo Chairman New Nuclear Watch Institute

The New Nuclear Watch Institute (NNWI) has published the August edition of their ‘Yes to Nuclear’ Perspectives initiative. Previous month we looked at the role of nuclear energy in decarbonising agriculture and food production. This month, we focus on the most crucial substance on earth – water.

Climate change and population growth are placing immense pressure on access to clean water for residential, agricultural and industrial uses. With droughts, wildfires, floods and other natural disasters becoming more frequent as our planet heats up, it is increasingly difficult to overcome natural water shortages.

Urbanization, agricultural expansion, logging activities and pollution from industry are huge emitters of greenhouse gases and the demand for water in these sectors is accelerating. With large areas of land needed for renewable energy production, the small footprint of nuclear power can provide a constant, reliable, and clean source of energy, without having to sacrifice natural habitats or compromise biodiversity priorities.

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