Why nuclear ?

We need both renewable and nuclear energy, as well as much more energy efficiency, in the next decade to prevent climate change from becoming irreversible.

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The nuclear energy industry plays an important role in job creation and economic growth, providing both clean electricity and various economic benefits.


The nuclear energy is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly resources. As a low-carbon electricity source, nuclear plays an important role in limiting global emissions.


The nuclear industry provides many employment opportunities and contributes to a better environment and healthy and prosperous communities.


reactors in 30 countries around the world


of global electricity supply


largest source of low-carbon electricity


gigatonnes of CO2 emissions avoided over the past 50 years

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About us

About NNWI

NNWI is an industry supported think-tank, focused on the international development of nuclear energy as a means for governments to safeguard their long term sustainable energy needs. We strongly believe that nuclear is vital to achieving binding Paris Climate Agreement objectives and tackling the challenge of climate change.

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Our aim is to improve the world's understanding of nuclear power and its far-reaching benefits and applications.


Promote beneficial contributions of nuclear power and its far-reaching applications beyond energy

Support implementation of technology-neutral policies to encourage international development of nuclear power

Foster global collaboration and benefits of sustainable synergies between nuclear and renewables

Promote the important role of nuclear power in global decarbonisation efforts and clean energy transitions

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NNWI aims to enhance international dialogue focused on strengthening the nuclear energy's role in future energy mix and highlight leading views on key matters bringing nuclear to the forefront in combating climate change. We provide an excellent forum for promoting dialogue and an opportunity to debate clean energy research and technology, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and investment in energy infrastructure. Our supporters network represents the global nuclear industry and offers the opportunity to listen to and debate with high-profile leaders and other government, industry and academia professionals.

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