Past Events

NNWI events provide insight into the international recognition of nuclear power as an essential part of the future energy mix.

The prospects of small modular reactors in Southeast Asia image
Latin America: Nuclear technologies on the rise image
17 Nov 2022 14:00 - 15:30 UK TIME

Latin America: Nuclear technologies on the rise

NNWI Forum 2022: A Sustainable Future - Addressing the Energy Trilemma image
EN/RU Webinar: Nuclear energy in Central Asia, the key to sustainable development image
Beyond energy: Nuclear innovations in medicine, agriculture, and more image
Offshore power: Floating low-carbon energy solutions for remote areas image
High-tech energy “ecosystems” for sustainable development image
Report Launch: The Energy Security Value of Nuclear Power image
High-Level Economic Panel: Harnessing the renewed global support for nuclear to help achieve net zero image
2021 – A New Dawn for Nuclear Energy? image
23 Feb 2021 14:00 - 15:30 UK TIME

2021 – A New Dawn for Nuclear Energy?

The synergy of the hydrogen economy and nuclear energy image
ENERGY POCLIY PANEL: Attracting talent into the nuclear energy industry image
The back-end of low carbon technologies: Closing down nuclear fuel cycle image
ENERGY POCLIY PANEL: The system value of nuclear capacity additions in sustainable development image
ENERGY POLICY PANEL: How can investment in nuclear help to stimulate the economy? image
ENERGY POLICY PANEL: Advanced and small modular reactors image
ENERGY POCLIY PANEL: Is net zero possible without nuclear? image
NNWI Forum 2019: Nuclear Energy as part of Europe's energy mix image

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