Past Events

NNWI events provide insight into the international recognition of nuclear power as an essential part of the future energy mix.

EN/RU Webinar: Nuclear energy in Central Asia, the key to sustainable development image
Beyond energy: Nuclear innovations in medicine, agriculture, and more image
Offshore power: Floating low-carbon energy solutions for remote areas image
High-tech energy “ecosystems” for sustainable development image
Report Launch: The Energy Security Value of Nuclear Power image
High-Level Economic Panel: Harnessing the renewed global support for nuclear to help achieve net zero image
2021 – A New Dawn for Nuclear Energy? image
23 Feb 2021 14:00 - 15:30 UK Time

2021 – A New Dawn for Nuclear Energy?

The synergy of the hydrogen economy and nuclear energy image
ENERGY POCLIY PANEL: Attracting talent into the nuclear energy industry image
The back-end of low carbon technologies: Closing down nuclear fuel cycle image
ENERGY POCLIY PANEL: The system value of nuclear capacity additions in sustainable development image
ENERGY POLICY PANEL: How can investment in nuclear help to stimulate the economy? image
ENERGY POLICY PANEL: Advanced and small modular reactors image
ENERGY POCLIY PANEL: Is net zero possible without nuclear? image
NNWI Forum 2019: Nuclear Energy as part of Europe's energy mix image

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